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Best Stephen King's Screen Adaptations

Best Stephen King's Screen Adaptations

The master of grim and murky atmosphere Stephen King continues winning favor among the huge international audience. His books starting from horror and science fiction to fantasy and supernatural fiction keep thousands of readers awake at night all over the world. There is no surprise that famous directors were interested in the screen adaptation of these masterpieces. It’s always difficult to indulge the loyal reader with the worthy movie shot after the book. However, some of such attempts were more than successful. Here is the list of the best movie adaptations of Stephen King’s books.

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Top 7 Movies Based on the Books of Stephen King

The Shawshank Redemption

It’s not just the best movie based on the book of Stephen King but it is one of the best films in cinematography. The main character Andy Dufresne, a convicted killer, finds a friend in prison played by Morgan Freeman. The story highlights friendship, self-worth, an hope when confronted with adversity.

Stand By Me

The author himself admitted the movie Stand By Me based on the novella The Body is the best screen adaptation of his books. Adjusted by Rob Reiner as a transitioning story with the bunch of gifted young actors it tells about the group of boys as they find a corpse. The movie is not about death but about the values of life and friendship.

The Shining

Absolute work of art among horror movies The Shining directed by Stanley Kubrick keeps scaring the audience. Jack Nicholson’s acting leaves goose bumps during the whole movie. You observe the equivocal descending of Jack Torrance during the winter stay at the remote hotel.

The Green Mile

Once again, Stephen King demonstrates he’s not a one-trick pony. The fascinating plot of The Green Mile skillfully touches the issue of the death penalty and deep drama of main characters. It's a supernatural tale about humanity, sacrrifice and injustice.


Among multiple screen adaptations of the first King's novel connoisseurs mark Brian De Palma's version to be worth our attention. Oscar-nominated Sissy Spacek reveals in her role the pressure that comprises the issues of teenage phycology, mental violence, and paranormal phenomena.

The Dead Zone

Directed by David Cronenberg this film tells the story of Johnny Smith who awakens from a coma with a paranormal gift. The main character played by Christopher Waken can predict the future adversities and tries to prevent them from happening. This supernatural thriller will terrify you till the end.

The Mist

A true horror movie combined with the survival line, this adaptation takes us to a small town in Maine. The thick fog hides terrifying monsters hunting after the townsfolk. Talented cast, rich dialogues, and unexpectedly different from the original final won’t leave you indifferent.

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