A creative crisis means the author’s incapability of writing a single line regardless of strong will, determination, or deadlines. The novelty of writer’s perspective is dim, and the ideas just fly away immediately. Good news: it is just a temporary stage experienced by each writer at a particular stage of a creative career. Let me give you a hand with this:

Being in Crisis: No Fear

Fear causes creative blocks, and the more you fear, the more blocks emerge. As a rule, writers are afraid of not being perfect or being worse than previously. The major thing to do here is to get rid of all the evaluations. Just do it – write! There are always all the chances that consequent revisions, improvements, and editing can make it much better or that bad writing will transform into a masterpiece!

Being in Crisis: Investigate!

The crisis also comes when you lack information. Explore the world. Explore yourself. Explore others. I can tell from my experience that good ideas often come in the most trivial places. You can have a spark communicating, traveling, or even contemplating the architecture – been there, done that! If you intend to get some inspiration from other books – make sure that your reading diet is diverse and vivid. It is often useful to stick to the genres you are not usually a fan of since it expands your creative perspective.

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Being in Crisis: There Is No Tomorrow

Yep, that is the approach you are about to use if you want to fight that crisis. Start right now. No excuses. No postponing. It is also useful to set up the daily limit. For instance, you oblige yourself to write 2, 5 or 10 pages each day. I also recommend to set a punishment and to inform friends or relatives about this daily challenge. You can also go more global: put the deadline for a story, an article, or a book. It means that you should make writing a habit – a pleasant one, not a frightening obligation, of course. At this stage proper motivation is everything! Reward yourself. Those punishments should be aligned with a set of rewards so that you can see what you lose and what you gain.

And What Is More…

Whenever you have a part of the text that looks pale, irrelevant or just annoying, boring and lacking authenticity…

Just change a perspective. Try to look at the world, at your plot, and at that hero not through the eyes of the major hero, but through the eyes of that “newcomer.” Explore this technique and see how far it can lead you in writing. There are boring people in life – but what does it say about us, not about them? Contrast the main hero with this boring guy, show your main character from the unexpected side, track the dynamics of changes.

Wish you inspiration, enthusiasm, and phenomenal success in writing!

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