Congratulations! You have just finished writing your research paper. But let me upset you a little bit – it’s too early to rest on your laurels because your work isn’t finished yet. Now you need to proofread it and only after that you can think about submitting your paper. Horrible, isn’t it? You thought that this monster is defeated, but look – it raises its ugly head again! That means less sleep, more stress and a disappointed face. Why does it always have to be that difficult? Oh, the life of poor students who need to fight with monsters…I mean endless academic assignments, day and night. Even though, we can’t solve your problems and make all your papers free of punctuation errors, because our magical wand isn’t capable of such miracles. However, we can definitely explain to you why a polished paper, free of punctuation errors is an important thing.

Most of the students understand why their papers should be clean of spelling and grammatical mistakes, but at the same time, they somehow forget about punctuation. And some students think that it’s not important at all! Well, this opinion won’t get you a good grade and your tutor will point to these mistakes saying “you fought bravely, but look – the beast is still breathing!” No, that’s not the way it should be. Or you don’t want to wear a title of a noble essay knight? Here are the top 3 reasons why every little coma in your paper is important both for your grade and dignity:

  • It Shows How Determined You Are. A lot of students are irritated, because professors pay attention to spelling and punctuation, especially when they see that their mark was decreased because of a silly misspelling. Try to understand, that your tutors aren’t doing so to annoy you, they just want you to be perfect at what you’re doing. Having spelling and punctuation mistakes in your written assignments means that you aren’t responsible and determined enough to make your papers shine like gold.
  • It Gives The Right Meaning to Your Sentences. Misplaced comma can make such a huge difference. Just take a look at this – “Interests: cooking, cats, reading” and “Interests: cooking cats, reading”. The latter says that you’re a crazy knacker who loves to torture cats, while the former lets readers know that you like cats as well as reading and cooking. Funny, isn’t it? It is because you haven’t written it. Imagine someone reading stuff like this written by your hand. What would you feel?
  • It Can Reduce Your Grade. If you need the exact score then you need to do everything possible to get it. In case you’ve done everything except for a proper punctuation check, you can’t really tell that you have done everything, don’t you? Let’s assume that you need 90 points to get an A and you have scored 89 because of silly punctuation errors. I agree that’s unfair, but your professor can easily reduce your score because of this and in this case you can forget about getting an A. A – means excellence, and that supposes that you have mastered punctuation and spelling. And there’s nothing you can do about it – that’s how academic world works.

So, understanding these simple truths, let’s strive for academic glory and punctuation accuracy!

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