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The List of 5 Best UK Teaching Institutions in 2017

The List of 5 Best UK Teaching Institutions in 2017

Top 5 UK Universities 2017

You wish to get the best education among the world? Wish to be an ideal expert? You probably know that the university you are studying in plays a great role in your future life. That’s why you should pick it carefully.

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According to the last university ranking in 2017, Cambridge still remains the most popular and wanted university in the UK. In general, the country has six universities listed in top 20 world’s best educational institutions. Moreover, four of them are in the top 5 list. The ranking was based on:

  • Teaching quality
  • Role in global research activity
  • Buildings for the local students
  • Programs available
  • Total of famous grads
  • Career opportunities
  • Campus and living conditions
  • Inventory of the University
  • Staff to stdent ratio

5. King's College London (KCL)

This university is an example of how to become a number 16 worlds’ best. Florence Nightingale, Garry Kilworth, and Desmond Tutu used to study here. University meets all the standards of Hogwarts, so one room even can be seen in the film reflecting Albus Dumbledore’s office.

4. Imperial College London

Number nine in the list of the global league. The institution offers a wide research potential along with the access to the world’s finest libraries and innovation centers.

3. University College London (UCL)

It currently occupies the fifth position in a global rating. Hundreds of years of quality education are backed up with such alumni as Alexander Bell, "Mahatma" Gandhi and Christopher Martin. The main campus is situated in Bloomsbury.

2. Oxford University

It provides excellent research opportuunities, ideal housing conditions and high teaching standards, enough said. If you like to study philosophy, sociology or economics – this university is for you. Unfortunately, the number of places here is rather limited. The number of famous graduates is huge, but to name a few: Bill Clinton, Stephen Hawking and Oscar Wild

1. University of Cambridge

Being one of the oldest universities of all times, it doubtlessly deserves this place. The only disadvantage is the most expensive student city. However, the quality of everything mentioned at the beginning is on the highest level. Currently, there are over 19.000 students and over 8.000 postgraduates.

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