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Top-Notch Free Custom «Response to Questions on Business Ethics» Essay

Response to Questions on Business Ethics

Important ethical concerns and issues in the functional areas of business including management, marketing, accounting, finance and global enterprise

In business management, marketing, accounting, finance, and global enterprise there are ethical concerns and issues that must be addressed on a daily basis. A business manager or an owner needs to have a comprehensive understanding of these ethical issues so that he or she is able to handle any issues that may arise in the course of running a business. Henry (2008) states that the first ethical issue that managers have to deal with raises during the period of hiring human resources. There are policies and ethical issues with regards to hiring peoples to work in a business, managing employees as well as their dismissal.

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When recruiting, managers must be upfront and honest with their prospective employees. A job advertisement should be very clear about the nature of the position, whether it is in accounting, sales, customer service or any other. Any questions that the prospective employee may have regarding the nature of the job, remuneration, working hours, and other benefits, should be answered by interviewers as honestly as possible. It helps the applicant in managing their expectations and also the business owner in handling future misunderstandings that may arise.

The other ethical issue that the business owner has to deal with is safety of employees while they are on official duty. A business is bound by ethics to ensure that they there is only the best technology so as not to endanger the lives of employees. According to Ferrell & Ferrell (2012), the well-being of employees should always remain a main concern for management. Employees should also not be dismissed unless a valid reason is given. The management also needs to consider whether dismissal is the best option under the given circumstances.

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