There is some error in registering my order. The page will not update, so how can I submit the order?

This problem is frequently caused by the excessive size of the attached files. So, make sure that you have not exceeded the restrictions. If you have attached too many files, try sending them via email to our customer support representatives. They will then forward them to your assigned writing expert.

I have chosen wrong order type/academic complexity urgency/paper length, etc. How can I edit my registration form?

Clients cannot edit the order registration form on their own. Nonetheless, our company`s customer support agents can help you out and do it on your behalf. You need to contact them and provide with the new details and all necessary updates. They will enter the new data into the given fields. Besides, you will need to pay a compensation in price if your updated order details impact the total price of your order.

How can I extend the paper length?

You can place an additional order to the existing one, and so your assigned writer will add the necessary number of pages for you. Should you need assistance, you are free to seek customer support agents for help.

How can I be sure that a writer has been assigned to work on my paper?

When our company`s administration assigns a writer to your order, his/her ID will appear in the corresponding field. Besides, the order status will be changed to “Processing.”

Can I order a draft of my paper?

Yes, sure, you can pay extra and get a one-page draft of your paper. It is delivered to clients after 50% of the deadline has expired.

How can I request a revision of my paper?

You can send a free revision request during 48 hours after the deadline expiration if you have a short paper (less than 20 pages). If your paper is more than 20 pages in length, you have the whole 30 days for sending a revision request for free. To send a revision of a specific order, you have to go to the “Completed Orders” section, find the necessary order, and then press the “Request Revision” button. Remember that you can also ask our customer support representatives for help.

How can I modify my email address/password/contact information?

You can edit your profile by logging in to your personal account. Click the “Profile” tab and make the necessary changes. Do not forget to save the updates.

How much time should I wait till you assign a writer?

On our part, we go the extra mile to find a writer as fast as possible. However, on the whole, it also depends on the complexity of your order, deadline, and paper specifics.

I need my paper to be revised, but I do not have this free revision option any more. What should I do?

You can place a revision order type by paying extra. Just place a new order and indicate the “Revision” order type. Also indicate the ID of the order that has to be revised.

How can I contact my assigned writer?

There is a direct messaging system on our company`s website that you can use for getting in touch with your writer. To use the messaging system, you need to be logged in to your personal account. If there are some urgent matters, keep in mind that you can contact our live chat support: they will forward your message to the writer. Correspondingly, they will get a reply from your writer and get back to you ASAP.

Where can I download my paper?

Upon paper completion, you can download it from your personal account from the “Completed Orders” section. You will also get a notification via email when the order is uploaded to the system.

Can your company help me out with an online test?

Yes, definitely. We have a team of experts who are ready to assist you in passing online tests. When placing the order, you have to choose “Online Test” type, then you need to send precise requirements. It is essential to provide all details, such as instructions, the exact time when the test starts, and the time zone. You also need to send your credentials to your assigned writer so that he/she could log in to the online test platform and take your test.

Can you complete my coding task for me?

No, unfortunately, we do not specialize in coding, app development, and other IT-related assignments.

How can I get notifications from you?

Our company sends out automatic emails to our clients concerning any activity on the website. So, you will get notifications when a writer is assigned to work on your order, when the order status is changed, when a paper is uploaded, etc. You can also get calls, messages in the system, and SMS.

How can I know that you have found a writer for my paper?

You can monitor the change in the order status in your personal profile. When the status says “Payment Verification,” it means that you need to confirm your payment or pay for the order if you have not done it yet. If the status says “Processing,” it means that a writer has been assigned to work on your paper. If the status is “Completed” or “Sent,» be sure that you are free to download the paper.

When will I get my paper?

You are expected to get your paper according to the set deadline. The due date countdown starts from the moment that you have paid for the order and verified it.

I have troubles ordering my paper online. Why is that?

If the website does not enable you to proceed with your order registration process, keep in mind that the most probable reason is that you have attached too many files, or that those files exceed the allowed size. So, instead of attaching all documents and materials, send them to our customer support representatives via email and they will forward them to your writer.

Where will I find my paper?

Completed papers are uploaded to the system, where you can find them in your personal account upon logging in. So, feel free to download the paper from the “Completed Orders” section.

I have some troubles with the order payment. How should I deal with it?

Neither our company administration nor customer support agents work with payment processes directly. If there are some serious troubles, we can certainly recommend that you try another browser, credit/debit card or contact your bank.

Do you upload papers to the system earlier in case writers upload them before the deadline?

Our writers work strictly according to the set deadlines. So, please expect the completed orders at around the time of your deadline expiration. If you need your paper earlier, you need to pay a compensation.

Do you send orders via email when my writer completes them?

Papers are uploaded to the system so our clients are free to download them from their accounts. On the deadline expiration, you will receive an email with the link to the order download.

Do I need to pay extra for the “Preferred Writer” option if I buy the supreme writing level for my paper?

When you purchase supreme level of writing, you are assured that one of top 30 best company`s writers will be assigned to work on your paper. However, you cannot choose here what writer in particular would be assigned. If you want some specific writer, you have to pay extra as for the “Preferred Writer” service. When you choose the premium writing level, you will also receive a plagiarism report from us that indicates that your paper is original in content.

I do not want to leave my contact number on your website. Is it possible to skip this step?

We cannot make you forcefully leave your valid phone number. However, we explain our customers that if they fail to do that, we will not be able to contact them in some urgent cases. So, it is better to provide valid contact details.

Is your service confidential? Can I rely on you in terms of privacy?

Sure, you can. We strictly adhere to the privacy policy, according to which we never disclose personal and contact information about our clients and our company`s workers. We guarantee this confidentiality to all of them.

Can I send only one revision request during the free revision time span?

There are no limits concerning the number of revisions. You should only consider the time given to you for free revision.

How can I know that my paper is original?

Before delivering papers to our clients, we carefully scan them via our plagiarism checker. As such, we deliver authentic and plagiarism-free papers to you.

Who will be assigned to work on my order?

When finding a writer to work on your paper, be sure that we choose the most qualified and experienced writer in relation to the major you have. We double-check whether the writer has the necessary skills and competence to successfully deal with your paper.

Can I be sure that my paper has been checked for mistakes?

When you purchase our additional VIP services, you can choose the “Get an order proofread by an editor” option. As such, your paper will be forwarded to a professional editor before it is delivered to you.

How can I check whether my writer is working on my paper or not?

It is possible to check the order processing status in your personal account. Just log in to your cabinet, pick the needed order ID, and check on the status. If the status is “New,” it means that the financial transaction was conducted successfully. If it says “Processing,” it means that your assigned writer is in the process of working on your essay. Keep in mind that you can choose our VIP option “Get SMS notifications” to be notified of any changes in the order status.

I have mistakenly chosen an improper deadline for my order. Is it possible to change it?

You cannot make any changes to those order details that impact the overall paper price. However, you can contact our customer support agents for help and provide them with the needed updates. They can submit the changes on your behalf. If the new deadline has impacted the total order price, you will have to compensate for it.

I would like to place a new order but choose the writer who has provided papers for me before. What should I do if I want him/her to do the rest of my assignments in my course?

In this case, you need to find the writer`s ID and insert it into the “Preferred Writer” field. This service is paid additionally — you will have to pay additional 15% to the overall sum for the paper.

What are responsibilities of your service?

After you have placed an order with us, we are responsible for finding the writer within the shortest time possible. Besides, we are there to support you 24/7, so whenever you require some help, we are there to address your inquiries. What is even more important, we always deliver papers according to the set deadline. Editing, proofreading, and plagiarism check are guaranteed as well.

Will your company be able to assist me with a really complicated paper?

Our company`s experts can provide custom writing help with any order complexity: from high school and college to university, Master`s, and Ph.D. If you are worried about whether we have appropriate writers, you can send us your instructions and we will check it in the Writing Department.

Why do I encounter problems when I am trying to pay for my order?

There may occur some payment failures or authorization errors. You need to act according to the error you encounter. If the troubles are severe, we suggest that you contact your bank. However, when it comes to some random glitches, we do advise you to change the web browser or to try paying via another banking card.

I am in the middle of the order registration process. I click “Proceed,” but nothing happens.

If the order placement process stays gray or keeps loading and nothing more happens, you need to check whether you have attached any files. If yes, try to delete them from the order registration form and rather send them via email to our customer support representatives.

I paid for the paper, but the system is still asking me to pay. What is the problem?

Our company`s administration will need your payment receipt as a proof that you have really successfully proceeded with the payment. So, go to your inbox and find the payment receipt in one of the emails. If there is no payment confirmation sent to you via email, be sure to log in to your banking account to check whether money has been withdrawn. If you see that no money has been withdrawn for the custom writing service, try using another credit card, browser or gadget.

I would like to check if your company`s writers are capable of coping with my assignment.

You can do it by forwarding your paper description to our customer support representatives. Our customer support agents will contact the Writing Department and will clarify whether there are writers specializing in the given subject.

Is it obligatory to leave my contact information upon order registration?

We cannot force our customers to provide valid details, but we strongly recommend them to do so. In urgent cases, we want to be able to contact them within the shortest terms possible. All in all, providing valid contact information is for the better.

I got a message that my order is going to be refunded. How long will this procedure take?

It takes us from three to five business days to handle the refund procedure. Apart from that, you also need to consider the working days and busyness of your bank.

What are the ways of contacting my writer?

According to the company`s policy, clients cannot call their writers via phone but they have an opportunity to use the direct messaging system to get in touch with them. This messaging system on the website can be used for exchanging the updates or some new information regarding the order.

Where will I find my paper after it is finished?

It is easy to get your paper. You need to log in to the system, go to the completed orders section and open the “Files” tab. Here you are: you can download your paper from there. If there are no files attached, but the deadline has already expired, contact our customer support agents straightaway.

When will I get my finished paper?

You are supposed to receive your custom order according to the set deadline. If you have forgotten what deadline you have indicated, find your order ID and look through the order details.

Can my assigned writer buy the book needed for my order completion?

According to the company`s policies, clients have to provide their assigned writers will all materials required for successful order completion. If the books, articles, and other materials are not available online in free access, keep in mind that you should buy them and forward to your writer.

I tried and tried to submit my order placement form but nothing. What should I do about that?

If reloading the page does not help, you need to pay attention to whether some big files are attached to the form. There are restrictions concerning the size of files. Instead of trying to upload all of them with the order registration form, rather send them via email to the customer support team. Remember to indicate the order ID in the subject of your email.

My professor has sent me some updates asking me to add more pages to my order. What should I do about it? Can I ask my assigned writer to add those pages?

Your assigned writer will gladly add the necessary number of pages after you place a compensation order in the system. Go to your orders, choose the required order ID, and click “Additional Order” in the order details section. You will need to indicate the number of pages needed to be added and then you will have to compensate for those pages. If you have troubles placing the additional order on your own, do not hesitate to ask our live chat support for help.

I mistakenly indicated that deadline. Now I need to change it. Can I do that?

Clients are not allowed to change deadline details after they have submitted the order placement form. If you need a shorter deadline, you will have to pay the compensation (for the difference in due dates). After that your assigned writer will complete your order faster.

What order type should I pick? I cannot understand what order type I need as nothing suits me on that list.

In such cases, just send us your paper description with all requirements — we will find out what order type you need if you are confused by your instructions.

Can you guarantee content that is plagiarism-free?

Yes, we can since we scan each paper via anti-plagiarism software before delivering papers to you. Overall, one of the company`s values is to provide original content that is written from scratch. Please pay attention that we do not use such scanner as Turnitin since it saves the scanned files, which means they cannot be submitted twice.

Do you guarantee confidentiality to your clients?

Yes. Our service is 100% confidential and we guarantee privacy of all data that customers share with us. Neither your professor nor classmates will ever get to know that you have been cooperating with us.

Will my order be delivered on time?

Yes, we provide timely delivery of all papers regardless of their complexity or deadline. We have writers who can work even under stressful conditions, so you can count on our service even if you have pressing deadlines.

Is it possible to negotiate prices for the orders?

No, the prices are not negotiable. We have a fixed pricing policy that depends on such factors as order type, paper length, deadline limit, academic complexity, and others. If you want a paper at a lower price, you can monitor discounts and special offers.

Can I talk with my writer and discuss some matters if I have questions?

If you have some inquiries or need to provide clarifications on the order, you are welcome to contact your writer via the messaging system on the website. Another option is to contact the live chat support and ask the agents to forward your message to the writer ASAP.

The order registration form has frozen and I cannot proceed with the order placement process. How to solve this problem?

One of the widespread reasons for such delays in the order submission is that you might have probably attached files that exceed the allowed size. So, you have to send those files to the live chat support via email and let them forward those materials to your assigned writer.

I need help with my online test. Can I place it with you? It will last for an hour, so can I be sure that there is an expert who will cope with it?

Sure, you can check whether we have relevant experts by sending us your instructions. We will then get in touch with the writers` team and will try to find out who of them is able to cope with the test. Remember that you have to check writers` availability at the exact time of the test well in advance.

I was informed that my order will be refunded? Can I get that refund in the form of bonuses? How to do it?

Please contact the live chat support and clarify this matter with them. They may ask you to contact the Financial Department if needed. When you get refund in the form of bonus credits, you will be able to use them for full or partial payment of your future orders.

When will I receive my completed order and how will I be able to download it?

When you buy an order from us, you need to fill in a specific order registration form and set a specific deadline. You should expect your order at around that time. As soon as the paper is uploaded to the system, you will get a notification to your email.

What type of writing should I select in the order registration form?

If you do not understand what order type you should select, it is better to consult with our company`s customer support representatives. You will have to send your order details or instructions. After the customer support agents investigate your instructions, they will help you come up with the most appropriate order type.

Can I be sure that I will get an excellent grade for the paper I order from you?

We do not guarantee grades as these are subjective and biased representation of the quality of your paper. However, we do guarantee premium quality of writing. The custom papers delivered by our company are written by qualified and experienced writers only. Besides, they hold Master`s and Ph.D. degrees in specific research areas. So, you can rest assured that your paper will live up to your expectations.

Can I get my order earlier?

Of course, you can but you will have to pay extra for this option. You will need to place a compensation order and pay an additional price for the difference in the deadline.

Who will handle my order?

All assignments that we provide are written by proficient experts in the corresponding fields of research.

Can I check whether you have experts able to cope with my paper before I actually place an order with you?

You are welcome to contact our customer support team, send them your paper requirements, and ask them to check out the presence of the needed specialist.

What are the key things I need to know about your pricing policy?

The cost of orders we provide depends on such factors as paper length, deadline, order type, complexity level, and others. If you want to check the price beforehand, you need to use the online calculator by filling in your order details. Or you can ask the customer support agents to calculate the price for you.

How will I get a paper written by you?

We can send you the paper via email if you have no opportunity to log in to the system. However, in general cases, papers are downloaded from customers` personal accounts.

I have already written a part of my paper. Can you complete it for me?

Yes, sure. Just send us paper instructions and also provide us with the part you have written on your own.

What is the work schedule of your company?

We operate 24/7, so you can place orders at any time of the day or night.

Can I rely on you when I need an urgent paper?

Yes, we have writers who are used to working even under tight deadlines. However, when placing the order and indicating the deadline, be realistic. Your assigned writer should be physically able to cope with it.

I want to choose a specific writer for my order. How can I do it?

Please find the order that the writer has completed for you. Copy the writer`s ID from the order details field and insert it into the new order registration form. When you choose this “Preferred Writer” option, you will have to pay additional 15% for the order.

Do you revise papers if needed?

Sure, if you need to make corrections in your paper, you can send a revision request to your assigned writer. If the paper is less than 20 pages in length, you have two days for sending free revision requests. If the paper is long (20 pages and more), you will have 30 days. Send your assigned writer specific instructions, and remember that you should not change the original requirements.

Can you guarantee me that I will get an A after ordering my paper from you?

We never guarantee grades as they are subjective and depend on your professor. Nonetheless, we guarantee superb quality of writing since we assign the best experts to work on your papers. We also guarantee plagiarism-free papers and we have a revision request option to ensure customers` satisfaction.

Is there a way that I can scan my paper for plagiarism on your website?

When you purchase a plagiarism check VIP option, you will be provided with the in-depth plagiarism scanning of your papers (any works, not only ones you ordered from us). As such, your papers can be checked for plagiarism by a state-of-the-art plagiarism checker,, at no extra cost within a year.

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