How does you online custom essay service work?

When you need a piece of essay writing, or any other type of assignment, you simply access the order form on our site, fill it in, make payment, and we do the rest. On the form, you indicate your guidelines alongside the due time/date, and your order will be completed by that time.

Greater details of the process are as follows:

  1. Completing the Order Form: You will find a number of fields to fill in that will provide your writer with specific details and instructions. If you are not sure what to include in a specific field, click the “info” button next to it, and you will receive help. As soon as you submit the order, you will get a personal account page (password-protected). You will use this page to send and receive messages to and from your writer and the service department;
  2. We Assign Your Personal Writer: Our essay writing service assigns every order to a qualified writer (at least one degree level above your current level), based upon the order specifics. Mind that your writer will need detailed information to complete your order. Therefore, we ask you to attach all the required resources, literature, etc. to the order form when filling it in. If you have any difficulty with using your account page, contact a service rep and ask for help;
  3. Your order is completed, and it is uploaded into your account. We will also send you a personal email with an attached copy of your assignment.

If you think that some points of your work has to be amended, you can request a revision within 2 days after the project deadline expiration. The time frame for correcting assignments comprising 20+ pages is 30 days. Do not forget to give your writer specific revision instructions and set a new deadline. Revision is free if it does not contradict original order guidelines.

Can I use Your Service Confidentially?

When you place an order with us, we will ask you your name, a contact phone number and your email address. We only use this information to contact you regarding your order and never share, sell or distribute your information anywhere. Even your writer will only know you by an ID number. If we have questions about your order, one of our support reps may call you. However, this individual will never ask you for personal or credit/debit card information, as payment is always made through PayPal and Moneybookers, and is completed through their secure online processing. If you suspect that you are not talking to one of our reps, tell the person you will call them back, and use the number published on our site. Many other essay writing services are not as careful as we are, and you may risk identity dealing with them.

If you want more detail relative to our protection of your identity, please visit our Privacy Policy page.  

Do you have offices somewhere?

We are a US-based agency. We serve students from all over the English-speaking world and students from English-speaking institutions all over the globe.

How do I make payment, and is it safe?

Customers can make payment through PayPal or Moneybookers. These are two online payment processing services that are fully safe and secure. If you do not have an account with either of these services, it does not matter – we do. When it is time for you to make payment on our site, you will be asked to choose one of these two processors. Once you click on the service, you will be taken to their website. The site will “walk you through” the payment process and it is really quite simple. You will make payment to our account using a credit/debit card or e-check, or, if you have an account with the processor, you can simply transfer funds from your account to ours. Once you do that, we have your payment within minutes, and your writer can begin working on your order.

How do you assign a writer?

We employ only professional writers with degrees in all content fields, and their degrees range from Bachelor’s to Ph.D.’s. We have these writers categorized by subject and degree level, so when an order comes in, we can easily find those who are perfectly qualified for any order. All of our writers go through a rigorous screening and application process that includes the following:

  1. Submission of academic credentials;
  2. Successful completion of an online English grammar and composition examination, designed specifically to evaluate excellence in formal academic writing;
  3. Successful completion of a piece of academic writing on the topic which we provide;
  4. Regular performance evaluations based on successful completion of orders and customer feedback.

Can I choose my writer?

All returning customers, who are pleased with a specific writer in a topic area, may request that same writer to complete the following orders. On the order form, there is a field in which you may choose your writer. Be certain to accurately put the writer’s ID number into that field, and, if that writer is able to take your assignment, she/he will be assigned. Please note that you will need to pay extra 15% for this option. Certainly, if you were pleased with a writer who prepared a history paper for you, and you now need a biology paper, you would not request the former writer for this new task.

Where does my writer reside?

Unless you stipulate otherwise, you will receive a native English-speaking writer or an ESL writer who has been schooled in an English-speaking university and has passed all of our application examinations. Sometimes, students from non-English speaking countries come to us and request essay writing online in a different language. We have the writers available for completing such assignments.

How do I get in touch with my writer, and how does my writer contact me?

On your personal account page, you will find a messaging system set up. Your writer will use it to contact you if she/he needs clarification or more information on the order. You will also be able to contact your writer 24 hours a day and to check on the order  progress. If your writer messages you, you will also get a personal email notification that a message is received. Respond quickly, as your writer may not be able to move forward without talking with you first! In addition, if you have urgent message and your writer is not available, do not get upset. He/she may be busy gathering information or making analysis. In this case, you should get in touch with our Support Team. They will send your message to the Writing Department.

Can you explain Progressive Delivery?

This delivery system is one of the things that separate our essay writing service from others. If you have a complex piece of writing (major research work, thesis, dissertation etc.), you will want to request progressive delivery. Basically, you can order your dissertation section  by section. Thus, you will be able to  review each completed section and approve it, before placing an order for the next chapter. Sometimes, instructors will want to see each part of an essay or paper (e.g., outline, rough draft), and progressive delivery is a good option here as well. The benefits are great:

  • You place an order for each unit and pay for every delivered section;
  • You communicate more closely with your writer;
  • You can determine deadlines for each part;
  • You can plan completion based upon instructor’s or advisor’s schedule.

Progressive Delivery Details are as follows:

  • Place your order, choose the part of a dissertation that you want to order, and provide detailed instructions;
  • Pay for oyour project;
  • Your writer is assigned;
  • Your writer completes each part, delivers it to you, and you review it;
  • You can request a revision if needed or approve the received section. A revision can be asked within 2 days after order delivery. Complex assignments consisting of 20 + pages can be revised within 30 days after the paper has been finished. Remember not to change initial requirements. Otherwise, a free revision will not be possible.
  • When a certain part of your dissertation is ready, you can order the next one by following all the steps mentioned above.

Please note that you may order the whole dissertation at once. You can also request to send you a draft of your work. You will need to pay a small fee for this option. It is up to you to decide whether to order a dissertation part by part or the whole paper at once. Your work will be completed with total satisfaction!

How do I place an Order?

Go to our order form page. You will be asked to complete each field, giving the topic, the paper length, the resource requirements and other specifics. You need to include a due date for delivery. There are plenty of fields for you to provide specific instructions, and it is important to fill them in as completely as possible. We really need as much information as you can give so that we can assign the perfect writer to the task. If you are unsure about any field, click the “info” sign for more information.  You can also contact a support rep for assistance.

What is my Personal Order/Account Page?

Once you have placed an order, you are given an account page, for which you will provide a username and password. This is an important part of our essay writing service because it is a critical part of our customization effort. Through this page, you can check on the progress of your order, contact your writer, receive messages from your writer, contact the support center with questions or problems, receive initial and final drafts, and generally, stay abreast of all information regarding your order. This page includes the following:

  • An “all orders” tab that will show your order history as well as the current order;
  • A “new order” tab to place a new order;
  • A “profile” page showing your personal information and the option to change any of it items if necessary. Please remember to inform our support agents about the made changes.
  • “Order Info” and “Messages” tabs allow checking on progress and communication with your writer or support staff.

What to do I do if I forgot my password?

Just as you do with any other site, you click the “forgot my password” button, and you will receive instructions on retrieval.

How do I get my paper?

When your paper is finished, it will be uploaded on your personal order/account page. We will also send you a personal email with an attached copy of your paper in the MS Word document. You then access your page, and click to open your completed work. You should then review the work, to be certain that it meets all of your specifications. If you want a revision at this time, simply choose the correct tab and inform your writer of the changes you need. A revision can be applied within 2 days after the assignment deadline expired. Go to our “Terms and Conditions” page for more information on this option. You can then download it, save it on your desktop or in your “downloads” file, and print it out!

If I have not received my paper according to my deadline, what do I do?

You must get in touch with us immediately! Either send us a message on your personal order page or begin a live chat with us. We will look at the situation immediately! There may be specific reasons for this situation. 1. You may have given us an incorrect email address or notification may have gone to your SPAM folder, 2) your writer may have been trying to contact you to get clarifications of the instructions without which it would be impossible to complete the assignment and has not received a response, 3) there may some technical reasons. Whatever the cause, we will resolve the issue immediately! Sending orders on time is a number one priority for us.

What do I do if I am not satisfied with the final version of my work?

If you do not like the final copy, you need to contact your writer and explain the specific reasons for dis-satisfaction. Your writer is committed to your satisfaction and is willing to make any changes you may request. Mind that a revision can be done free of charge within 2 days after order completion if the original guidelines have not been altered. In case you are still dissatisfied with the corrected paper, (you think that your specifications were not met) you can request a refund within 14 days after the deadline expiration. It is essential to provide valid reasons for a refund. Your case will be scrutinized by our Refund Department. You will be responded within 3 or 4 business days. Please note that other writing services that may offer a cheap essay price will not provide this service when you buy academic writing pieces from them. If your satisfaction rests on changes to your original order specifications, we will have to charge an additional fee for requested revisions. For more information relative to this issue, please check our “Terms and Conditions” page on the website.

FREE Extras:

  • FREE plagiarism report (on request)
  • FREE revision (within 2 days)
  • FREE title page
  • FREE bibliography
  • FREE outline (on request)
  • FREE e-mail delivery
  • FREE formatting

We Guarantee:

  • Quality research and writing
  • 24/7/365 Live support
  • MA, BA, and PhD degree writers
  • 100% Confidentiality
  • No hidden charges
  • Never resold works
  • 100% Authenticity

Paper Format:

  • 12 pt. Times New Roman
  • Double-spaced/Single-spaced papers
  • 1 inch margins
  • Any citation style
  • Up-to-date sources only
  • Fully referenced papers