The question of dropouts is in the center of attention in every respectable studying institution, which is interested in graduation of the best specialists in different fields. The dropout rate influences overall university reputation, thus, the administrative department usually tries to develop different strategies to prevent it from happening.

Below, we are going to show two main reasons why students drop out of college and find solutions for them.

#1: The Wrong Way

In most cases, school grads are struggling to make a right decision about their future specialty in their dream college. Only a few of them know for sure where and what they want to study.

Sometimes, parents decide where their child will study as they think they know it better. After a year has passed, they may find out that their child has completely no interest in studying and wants to quit the university. This happens because the opinion of a kid often doesn’t count. It is way more serious than it seems to be and may lead to depression and even health problems of a student.

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Solution: Listen to Your Heart

It’s absolutely normal for an entrant not to be sure about what specialty to pick. After graduating from a school, teenagers experience discomfort, especially about starting a completely new life from scratch and often in a new town.

Instead of forcing your child to enter the university YOU want, give him/her a little time to think and make a deliberate decision. There is no reason to rush, if not this year, your kid will easily enter the right college the next year, and that time it will be a correct decision.

#2: Hostile Environment

This problem may be very complex and involve many issues. Sometimes, students can’t find their niche in the university life. They can enjoy the studying process and so, but the insufficiency of clubs may bring positive aspects to nothing. Let’s imagine a student who used to be a sports star at high school, but when he entered university he found no sports clubs at all. Wouldn’t you be frustrated?

A student can also face a situation when he or she has found a job in their field of studying and needs to have flexible attendance at the university. If this request is refused, a student will be simply frustrated and will finally give up on either work or studying.

Solution: Investigate University Environment Beforehand

Make sure the university you’re trying to enter has all interesting activities and they are accessible for freshers. Also, check how flexible the education process can be in the dean’s office.

Actually, there are tons of reasons for a student to drop out of the university, but two listed above are the main problems and now you know how to resolve them. Hopefully, this article will help you to prevent you or your kid from dropping out of College or University.

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