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Top Tourist Places for Students in the USA

Top Tourist Places for Students in the USA

The USA offers a variety of locations, where tourists can take unforgettable trips and see interesting venues. However, with a large number of states and an abundance of attractions, it is crucial to opt for the most memorable locations to make the most out of the travelling experience.

Therefore, we have decided to make a list of top tourist attractions in the United States that can be afforded by the students living on a tight budget.

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New York City

This city is one of the well-know tourist attractions for many people, and it waits to be discovered by more and more new visitors every year. Among the places worth visiting is Times Square, where many New Year celebrations were held, and the Statue of Liberty. This city is definitely #1 on the list of places that each student studying in the USA must visit.


It is home to Hollywood that is also commonly referred to as Tinseltown. There are a lot of astonishing locations wort visiting there. Probably it’s the best place for everyone who adores the magic and glamour of famous people. You might even get lucky enough to bump into some celebrities on the streets.


The city is located in the state of Florida. It is known worldwide to be the most famous city in the USA hosting the greatest range of theme parks. Here you have a perfect chance to visit еру Universal Studios, the Disney World, and other popular amusement parks that offer various kinds of entertainment for people of different ages. However, when planning a trip, make sure that you have at least two (or more preferably three) days to stay there to visit all interesting places.

Washington D.C.

If you want to delve deeper into the history of the country, there is no better place than Washington D.C. that could offer you a greater opportunity to do that. The city is a home to numerous landmarks and the city tours organized there have a really educatioonal purpose. Students who are interested in history in general and who would like to know some facts about the USA in particular will totally love this place.


This place is famous in the whole country for having the most breathtaking natural attractions. Take, for instance, the Grand Canyon, which is an astonishing rock formation that offers breathtaking views and displays the majestic Mother Nature.

Las Vegas

Remember the quote “What happened in Las Vegas stayed in Las Vegas.” Las Vegas is a fascinating place where you can spend your money, pain the town redand delve into the hustle and bustle of this entertaining and unique city. Enjoy the city that never sleeps.

All in all, with a great number of places that you can visit in the United States, the above-mentioned ones are the top ones on many people’s list. So, we really recommend you to visit them as long as you study in the USA. Don’t miss such a great chance!

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