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While covering the entire issue of homeland security and emergency management it is important to understand how the various departments work within the frame of law and jurisdiction. As such, the emergency management offices in the city of Boston normally perform the core function of coordinating all the emergency management, homeland security and preparedness for all forms of emergency within the city and its environs. The control team works hand to hand in preparing the entire city against the most common emergencies such as the winter hazards. Those manifest itself in various forms such the extreme cold and winter storms, blackouts, fire. Above all, the main mandate of this program is to find shelter for the affected and the vulnerable citizenry of Boston. Therefore, this paper is going to expound on the necessary emergency plan within the city of Boston, Massachusetts in the aid of preparing for all forms of disaster such as the hurricane Katrina.

While developing emergency operations planning for any city all over the world it is essential to note the type of disaster that the city is prone to and what the majority of the individuals are likely to engage themselves in case of the disaster. A good emergency operations planning program has to take into account the city’s population details and all the nearby sources of emergencies centers in case of such disasters that tend to be an obstacle to almost the entire world. As such, EOP normally provides a comprehensive structure and the necessary process used to counter and recover from any agonizing event. It also has the mandate to support the functioning ability of all the healthcare organizations in coordinating of information and other useful resource allocation during the entire incident of hurricanes and Katrina (Bullock, 2012).

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Therefore, the main purpose of the EOP plan is to help the management team have a working framework of activities that will help them in activating the necessary authority within their jurisdiction. They work hand to hand in creating solutions that might be essential to the general community before and after the disaster. Some of the plan includes the response procedure and the implementation of their key functions to the rest of the citizenry. The plan also needs to include well-organized procedure for integrating with the rest of the community in terms of response and recovery strategies. Another essential plan that the EOP need to tackle is the issue of preparedness as it is a core component of healthcare organization and the overall emergency management. However, plan maintenance is the most important aspect to consider in achieving the desired outcomes.

The situation is about the menace of hurricane Katrina and its impact on people’s lives. Hurricane Katrina remains the deadliest and the most vicious Atlantic tropical cyclone. It is one of the most costliest natural disasters to happen in the history of humanity. In Boston, Massachusetts the hurricane storm brought a lot of problems by damaging valuable properties and causing  thousands of death. Its aftermath was greater calamity than expected as most of the people were left homeless and their properties were vandalized (Haddow, 2014). Most of them lost their loved ones. On the other hand, the Katrina left more people unemployed with majority of them nursing the wounds from the storm. The storm was so powerful to affect more than ninety thousand square miles. The entire situation of Katrina formed as a tropical depression in a well-defined posse of storm that started to wrap with powerful winds of about forty miles per hour. It caused more flooding and consequences such as killing people and destruction of value properties.

In this matter, the EOP is responsible for controlling the entire relevant situation before and after the Katrina disaster in a bid to create public awareness and civil participation in all forms of mitigation, as far as the Katrina aftermath is concerned. As such, the Boston emergency management program provides all forms of management and valid coordination concerning all the hazards that might affect the city of Boston and its environs. It also facilitates emergency planning efforts and provision of the necessary assistance to the victims of the disaster. In order to understand the entire situation of how the Katrina develops in such massive capacity and ability to destroy the masses, it is important to have a prior knowledge of how it is formed and the most vulnerable areas it might strike. After the Katrina in Boston, Massachusetts, it is alleged that more than seventy countries worldwide pledged their monetary contribution and other forms of donations in assistance of the victims and their families at large.

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In addition, while dealing with the general causes and effects of the Katrina, there were various assumptions regarding the cause and the aftermath of the Katrina. Majority of the basic assumptions are related to people’s ignorance of the signs from the department concerned with climatic changes leading to massive loss of lives. It was, therefore, a collective bargain to all the residents to work hand to hand with all the leading authorities in terms of preparedness and adequate response to such disasters. The greatest assumption was that the world was coming to an end so it was a sign of the end. Most of the people relied on governmental bodies to support them with financial aids and basic needs such as the replacement of scattered shelter, room for comfort and something to eat after the long run were above all.

In the concepts of operation, the entire document describes all the characteristics of the proposed system from individual’s viewpoint to organizations viewpoint. In this case, CONOPS is responsible for describing all the capabilities required to achieve the desired goals and outcomes within an operation involving the Katrina disaster. The main function of the concepts of operation is to organize all the necessary activities and important interactions involving all the stakeholders and the participants in effort to bring all the aftermath agonies to a standstill and normal operation. It is further involved in the special operation of all the processes required for fielding the system. As such, the implementation of such series of events needs to take place within the relevant period in order to reach its target value in helping the victims with their basic needs at the required period of time (Abbott, 2010).

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As such, the victim’s immediate concern according to the proposed systems and mandate of CONOPS was the delivery of their fundamental needs and wants that would bring back their lives into normalcy. It is evident that Katina is normally accompanied with a series of havoc that causes stress to the normal conditions of living. Therefore, it is the mandate of such bodies together with other governmental bodies to restore the existing systems and procedures for normalcy in the ways of living as tailored for a number of purposes. As CONOPS, main mandate was to describe the essential operational needs, visions and desires adhere to the expectations of the victims in a formal manner to sustain them with their immediate needs, especially after a huge destruction disaster such as a Katrina.

In addition to this, in order to carefully prepare for further emergencies and outbreaks of such disasters as the hurricane Katrina, it is important for the entire world to join efforts and put important measures in case of future occurrences. For effective preparation of the hurricane Katrina the world and especially the super power and developed countries should work in handy and set up programs to sensitize the general populace on the impeding danger that might be fold those in vulnerable areas. Consequently, while preparing for hurricane Katrina and other catastrophic event the entire world needs to put in place some of their important measures such as proper communication channels to sensitize the public on how to organize themselves in case of such future occurrences. Access to reliable mode of transportation during such occurrences improves the nature of dealing with aftermath in terms evacuating the scenario and preparations for safety measures after a hurricane Katrina (Abbott, 2010).

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It is clear that all the organizations and institutions cannot anticipate or rather prevent all forms of disasters, but it is necessary to take the right measures in order to cater for future occurrences. In such motives, it is important to identify the future possible and potential threats through the assessment of their possible impacts, priorities assignment and through the development of future planned responses forming the basic principles of disaster prevention. With such preparation, the foreseeable threats all over the world, in terms of disaster, will be currently put in place and the world will be a better place to live with individuals being optimistic of the future. Such measures will give the room for development, as most of the people will have the grasp for expansion.

Therefore, the general organization and assignment of the emergency operation planning as far as disaster management is concerned normally establishes a working framework to cater for all forms of hazards within the right period and to save as many lives as possible. It is also their mandate to bring back all the essentials of life to normalcy like the restoration of hope through giving the victims the required assistance and provision of their basic needs. Therefore, the main mandate of the organization is to create a civic awareness and prepare the people for such disaster occurrences. As such, the local jurisdiction such as the law enforcement agencies and the crisis management team need to vigil as they form a key segment in terms of decision. Such teams normally provide the right control and direction in coordinating and preparing for all the responsible incidents and recovery.

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While coming up with a comprehensive system that will cater for both the victims and the state prowess, it is essential to ensure that all the preparation for such disasters falls within the jurisdiction of the state and its policies are friendly to the local people around that place. Such measure should carefully put in place taking care of all the political and the social environment components within a given frame of jurisdiction as supported by any rules and regulations of any state. Working close to each other and in teamwork with viable communication procedures will help the entire population to keep vigil with the general expectations concerning future calamities that might take place. Nevertheless, hurricane Katrina takes place with or without proper warning and it is the mandate of the calamity preparedness units to respond at the required time and maintain the usual state of living after the disaster and return life to normalcy.

The main core of the EOP is to deliver its key responsibilities to the people and affect its preparedness within the desirable frame of time and within the legal framework of every state as recommended by the rules and regulations within the law. It has to manifest its strength in a manner to create a good understanding and will within the victims of every state. The body is also concerned with the life of the victims after the disaster in providing psychological advice through guiding and counseling. They provide moral support and other forms of adequate help such as proper shelter and food for those who remain homeless with no place to go after the massive hurricane Katrina. Actually, such bodies are also responsible with offering the public with the right and valuable civic education and on how to respond in case of future occurrences of similar incidents of Katrina and other disasters all over the world.

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In conclusion, a hurricane Katrina is one of the most deadly natural disasters to hit the surface of the earth with massive destruction to both property and human lives. In developed countries there are already strategic measures put in place to counter the massive effect of Katrina. Most of the countries have set up emergency operation measures in order to control the aftermath of such catastrophe and their future occurrence. As such in Boston, Massachusetts, the EOP is working hand to hand with other governmental bodies to create civic awareness and to educate the masses further on to control themselves in case of a similar occurrence. They also have preparedness programs in place with a comprehensive body to counter and recover the agonizing status of to normal standards of living. It is also important to note that it is under the mandate of the emergency management bodies worldwide to coordinate all the aftermath care to the victims of any disaster.

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