When you are working on an essay, your professor expects that you will follow the highest standards of academic quality and integrity. However, you are a human being; it means that you are not perfect. Your writing skill might need improvement. Or your lack of time might prevent you from doing the task up to the highest standard. As a result, when you finish working on your first draft, it is likely that you need a revision to it. If you do not feel like continuing working on your draft or your professor has asked you to revise the piece, our online essay revision service is at your disposal.

Here, at Best-Essays-Writers.com, our online essay reviser will help you make your paper ready for resubmission and ensure it meets relevant academic standards. With your academic success in mind, we will fix all the errors and inconsistencies in it, address every single comment of your professor, add missing information, and make your paper shine. In other words, we will do everything it takes to guarantee you get a better grade. Write us, “Revise my paper,” and let the team of Best-Essays-Writers.com take care of you with the utmost professionalism and attention to your needs.

What Is Essay Revision?

A revision of an essay is the process of revisiting a paper in order to improve its quality. Many students confuse revising with editing and mistakenly think that is it about fixing errors in terms of grammar, punctuation, word choice, etc. Of course, both revising and editing imply the improvement of the text’s quality, but the former is a lot more profound procedure. To revise a paper means to bring the paper to a whole new level in terms of quality. It might require:

  • Working on the clarity of writing;
  • Adapting the text to target audience;
  • Sharpening the focus of the paper;
  • Widening or narrowing the scope of research;
  • Developing ideas with evidence and examples;
  • Removing irrelevant information;
  • Rearranging ideas and improving the structure.

As you can see, it is more about the quality of the content, while editing is about the quality of the form. However, of course, if you order online essay revision from Best-Essays-Writers.com, fixing errors is done along with the revision of the content.

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How to Revise an Essay: 3 Steps You Need to Know

Once you are done with a paper revise and edit it. These are essential stages of the writing process. Not only will they improve your text but also decrease your anxiety next time you get a request from your professor to revise the paper. You will know what to do. And now let us show you how it is done in three steps:

  • Step 1: Analyze the essay as a whole.

Do not start with polishing sentences since it will not lead to any good results. At first, you should make adjustments that would improve the paper as a whole. Consider the purpose of the paper. Does the paper meet it? Does it cover all the aspects of the prompt? Then, evaluate the format and structure of the paper:

  1. Does it meet the academic standards or your professor’s requirements?
  2. Is it logical and clear to a reader?
  3. Does it correlate well with your thesis statement?
  4. Does the thesis statement require refining?
  5. Do all body paragraphs or sections support the main claim?
  6. Are some arguments redundant or not clear?
  7. Are transitions between parts smooth?

After answering these questions, you might want to rearrange the paper, rewrite some parts, strengthen some points, etc. Yes, these are major corrections, but they bring major improvements.

  • Step 2: Analyze paragraphs.

Here, the process is similar, but you have to look into each and every paragraph to assess whether it is clear, logical, and well-organized. A good paragraph:

  1. Has a topic sentence that connects the paragraph to the thesis statement.
  2. Contains evidence and examples that support arguments.
  3. Offers the authors’ insightful and original comments and interpretations.
  4. Do not contain excessive details and redundant information.
  5. Has a concluding sentence and a transition to the next part of the paper.

Every paragraph of your paper should meet these criteria, so consider this to be an obligatory checklist when you do the revision.

  • Step 3: Analyze language.

While the steps above were more focused on the quality of information and ideas, this step is about the quality of writing. It implies the revision of sentence structures, word choice, punctuation, spelling, etc. Be sure to:

  1. Use various sentence structures.
  2. Fix all grammar and punctuation mistakes.
  3. Remove wordiness and verbose phrases.
  4. Take care of the style (formal, informal, etc.).
  5. Adapt word choices to the audience and its knowledge of the topic.
  6. Fix formatting mistakes and cite all the used sources.

If these three steps make you feel anxious about the revision, remember that you do not have to do it. Completing the draft was hard enough. You can delegate the task to Best-Essays-Writers.com and let the professionals handle it for you. Send us your revise my essay request, and we will help you!

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Essay Revision Service that Can Help You

Best-Essays-Writers.com has been working in the writing business for more than 10 years and is known for the top-notch quality of its paper revision service. It is, of course, thanks to the excellent team in which each and every writing reviser is hand-picked and knows how to guarantee academic success for our clients. Our writing team is familiar with all types of papers and collectively specializes in a huge number of disciplines. We deal with essays, research papers, coursework, reviews, reports, memos, articles, etc., on any topic. So, we will surely know how to make your paper meet all the academic standards and demanding expectations of your professor. Besides, will take care of not only how your paper sounds but also how it looks. We work with APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, Turabian, ASA, Oxford, and other formatting styles. There is no revision assignment that we could not handle.

How Our Online Essay Revision Service Functions

If you choose to get essay revision online from Best-Essays-Writers.com, you are guaranteed to receive the quality of writing and services that will not disappoint. You will cooperate with a writer who will review and revise your essay for you as per the requirements that you provide. The purpose of this cooperation is to help you produce an essay that meets the instructions in full and has error-free writing. You might wonder, “What does revise my paper service involve exactly?” Well, your assigned expert will:

Who Will Revise My Essay?

You can find dozens of editing and revising services online. Unfortunately, most maintain a very low standard in their cooperation with clients. These companies hire anyone willing to work simply because they want to save their costs. As you may expect, the quality of such online essay revision services will never match your ideal. This is not the case in our company where advanced writers and editors come together to produce a perfect essay for every customer. We do not have any intermediaries, which is why our prices are affordable for every student. We take an extra step to ensure that all experts in our team are qualified to provide this type of service. Our teammates are:

  • Carefully selected. Before getting hired, our writers had successfully passed an interview, several writing and formatting tests, as well as check of their qualifications and academic background.
  • Experienced. We hire only the writers who have experience in providing writing services and catering to customers’ needs in this field. In addition, all teammates go through a range of training sessions before the start of the work regardless of how experienced they are.
  • Qualified. Our experts have a master’s or Ph.D. degree in a certain discipline and work only within the scope of their competencies. Your paper will be revised by a person who knows the subject inside out.
  • Responsible. Here at Best-Essays-Writers.com, we know that our customers’ performance and reputation depend on us, so we do our job with utmost attention to the requirements, the deadline, clients’ special preferences, and academic standards.

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What Essay Reviser Online Will Do

If you choose to use the help of Best-Essays-Writers.com and hire our paper reviser, you are sure to receive a decent and satisfying result. We will revise your text comprehensively and cover all the necessary aspects thoroughly. Here is exactly what we will do:

Steps Details
Analyze the task Before the assigned writer gets to the text, they study the prompt and other guidelines. They need to understand the purpose that the paper should accomplish. It can be to inform, analyze, persuade, etc. With the purpose in mind, the writer can assess the extent to which it is achieved in the paper.
Determine the central idea An expert reads through the entire piece, identifies your key idea, and looks for supporting arguments. They make a thesis statement clearer, adapt it to the purpose, and determine areas that need to be improved so that it is fully supported and developed. We re-arrange the paper according to the accepted format if necessary.
Evaluate evidence This step implies that an expert assesses the quality of evidence used. Is it sufficient or lacking? Is it relevant or off-topic? Do the examples provided indeed support the thesis statement? The corrections are made based on the analysis. Since evidence requires proper citing, it is checked at this stage too.
Polishing the writing The writer works on the clarity, consistency, accuracy, and coherence of writing. We fix errors, remove redundancies and sentences that are vague, rewrite confusing statements, etc. There will be no punctuation, grammar, or spelling mistakes in the paper after this check. Formatting will be improved too.

In the end, you receive the paper that has been looked at from various perspectives: from a reader’s one, a professor’s one, and that of an editor. The content gets improved at the levels of both ideas and the form in which they are provided. So, thanks to Best-Essays-Writers.com, you will receive the perfect piece!

How to Hire an Essay Revisor

You will always have to write essays as long as you are a student. No matter what program or course you take, you will always have to revise your papers to make them perfect. The biggest mistake that you can make is submitting the draft of your paper for grading or doing superficial revising when the professor returned your paper. If you care about your performance but cannot make sure your paper is perfect on your own, we strongly recommend that you order an online essay revision at Best-Essays-Writers.com. To do it, follow these simple steps:

  • Place an order

Fill out our order form. Please provide valid contact details and all required information about your task. Select the type of service you need and your academic level, set the deadline, and attach the file with the text to revise. Let us know what exactly you need us to do.

  • Submit your payment

Once you filled out the form, you will see how much our services will cost you. If the price works for you, make the payment using any payment method available on our website. We guarantee the security and safety of your online transaction.

  • Review our comments

We will assign a competent native English reviser to process your order. You can monitor the progress of your revision and reach out to the assigned expert directly. They might ask you some questions about the assignment too, so check your personal profile for messages. The better we understand your needs, the better results we can provide.

  • Receive and review the revised paper

Once we are done with your revision, you will receive the revised paper. It will fully meet your writing request and will not contain any plagiarism. The paper will be formatted according to your instructions too. You can download the revised version in your personal profile or get it sent to your email.


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Why Get Paper Revision Help Here: Our Advantages

Using the revise my essay service is supposed to make your life easier. With low-quality writing companies, this is not always the case. If you choose Best-Essays-Writers.com, rest assured that you will enjoy your free time, better performance, and excellent results from our cooperation. To prove that we are truly on our customers’ side, we provide all clients with guarantees and advantages that protect their interests. With us, you get:

  • High quality. We impose strict quality requirements on our editors and proofreaders. You will work with the most competent specialists and are bound to receive top-quality content in the end.
  • Timely delivery and fast turnaround. We deliver the revised paper on time at all times since we respect your needs. We understand that a late paper is of no use to you.
  • 24/7 assistance and support. Our writing department helps students round-the-clock, and so is our support team. They are always ready for your questions.
  • A wide range of disciplines. We work with more than 70 disciplines and surely can cover your topic in a qualified and competent manner.
  • Communication with writers. Your assigned expert is only a message away whenever you have a question to ask or an idea to suggest.
  • Security and confidentiality. We guarantee that your information is secure and confidential. No third party will ever have access to your data.
  • Money-back guarantee. If you do not find that our help is of high quality, you can apply for a refund. We will review the case according to our policy and return your money if your claims are true.

Revise My Essay Online: Prices and Discounts

Best-Essays-Writers.com is the place where you can hire a professional reviser at very affordable rates. We have gone a long way to develop our attractive pricing policy. The price of our services will depend on many factors, including their urgency, the number of pages to be revised, as well as the complexity of the task itself. However, the price of even the most urgent and complicated assignment will be affordable! The prices of our paper revision help start at $7.99 per page. We also have an attractive system of discounts and bonuses for first-time and returning customers. You are most welcome to place an order with us and see how affordable and effective professional assistance can be. Forget about your academic anxiety and waste no time worrying about your grades! We will provide you with the perfect paper within the set deadline, and you will enjoy every moment of cooperation with us!

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VIP Services for Extra Good Care

In addition to our free and default benefits, you can take advantage of our VIP services for extra good care of your order. You may decide to use:

  • Top 10 writer. One of the most qualified writers will work on the revision for you. It is an opportunity to put their vast experience and expertise to work to improve your grades.
  • SMS notifications. Although you can track your order’s status in your account, it is not always enough. If you want to be always in control, we may inform you faster.
  • Extended revision. We offer a free revision of the work that our writer has done within 2 days after the deadline. With this option, you will have 4 days to ask for a free adjustment.
  • Proofreading by an editor. If you need the paper to be impeccable, you can hire an editor to have a look at the final version of the text with a fresh pair of eyes and fix the tiniest errors if any.
  • Plagiarism report. To be sure your paper has no originality issues, you might want to have it scanned for plagiarism. We can do it for you and provide a report in PDF.
  • VIP support. Our support team is there for you 24/7, but if you would like your order to be given priority, you can have it. No waiting time in case you have any concerns.

Professional Revision Service to Rely On

If you have received a revision from the professor or cannot turn your draft into a paper that your like on your own, it is reasonable to seek online revision assistance from specialists. Our professional revision service is there for you. Best-Essays-Writers.com is a reliable and trustworthy company with many years of experience and thousands of delighted clients. Become one of them now and have your paper turned into its best version at reasonable rates and within even an urgent deadline.

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