A good interview essay is based on an interview conducted by the writer of the essay. Hence, knowing how to carry out an effective interview and knowing what types of questions to ask is critical, if the result is to be a success. The aim of this type of essay is to reveal the interviewee’s personality to those reading your essay and for this reason you should focus your questions on the interviewee’s interests, opinions, favorite activities, and the primary positions they have held in life. Since all the answers to these questions will be revealed in your essay, it is important the interview content is precise to prevent an inaccurate portrayal of the interviewee.

Knowing how to write an interview essay can be a beneficial skill to have, no matter your major, as this kind of paper is often assigned for various courses. You’ve probably read more than one interview with a celebrity or a famous person in your lifetime, so you should be familiar with the format. In short, it’s a recorded conversation between two people – a professional interviewer and a significant person of some kind. As for the interview essay, you’ll need a deeper knowledge of the subject you are exploring with the interviewee and the writing itself has to be of academic value and not of entertainment one.

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What Is an Interview Essay?

Typically, an interview essay is a paper that explores a distinct point of view regarding a problem, concept, or phenomenon based on the interviewee’s answers. That entails conducting one or multiple interviews to get the answers that will be used in your paper. You should also thoroughly analyze, organize, and categorize the obtained data you will be presenting in your paper.

The most important difference of an interview essay is that you don’t use any scholarly sources, but instead your interviewee’s answers, as they are an authority on a specific topic. This kind of paper lets your reader get a unique perspective on the field your subject is an expert in. If you are successful in checking all the right boxes of how to write an interview paper, your reader will feel as if they are having a conversation with your subject themselves. So be sure to have a well-written and expertly structured paper to engage your audience. Having an interesting and qualified interviewee will also be of great help to the quality of your essay.

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The Three Main Formats of an Interview Essay

Now that we’ve covered the definition of an interview essay, let’s get to its specifics. The most important one to start with should be the interview essay format, as it will set a framework for writing interview questions and answers you’ll have. There are at least three main ones that you can use for your paper:

Type of Format Explanation
Question and Answer Format The classic format you might be used to that requires the use of questions you asked your subject and the direct quotes of their responses. Its main feature is that can be used for a single person or a group interview.
Narrative Format This one lets you craft a story where you can write it from your interviewee’s point of view or even just yours. It’s the most commonly used format for a college assignment, and it lets you add some context to the interview as well as your analysis of it.
Personal (Conversational) Format With this one, you can structure your paper in the form of dialogues. The informal tone used in this format also lets you address your reader, as you can write in the first or second person.

The Step-by-Step Guide for an Excellent Interview

Wondering how to start an interview essay? We’ve got nine helpful tips for an outstanding interview essay that will get you the high grade you’re hoping for.

  • Set out a realistic timeframe

Writing an interview essay can seem like an intimidating process, but if you break it down into small steps, you’ll be sure to ace it. Here is an example of the steps of how to write an essay about an interview:

  1. Have a list of your questions ready.
  2. Hone your interviewing skills.
  3. Do thorough research on your subject.
  4. Set adequate time for the interview and the writing process.
  5. Think about any follow-up questions you might have.
  • Determine the aim of your essay.

The main goal of your assignment will establish your subject, the topics and concepts you want to cover, and the questions you are going to ask your interviewee. Having a clear answer to “why am I writing my interview essay?” will help you with that.

  • Decide on and invite your interviewee.

Select two or three experts on the subject matter you will be covering, so you have a backup plan. When contacting them, be clear in explaining who you are and why you want to interview them.

  • Do your research.

If you want your interview to be interesting and engage your reader, you need to have deep knowledge of the subject you are covering, so your questions are interesting and insightful. For this you can:

  1. Search for any previous interviews with your subject. They will help you to get an idea of what your questions might be.
  2. Do more background research on the topic. This will ensure that your questions are informed, engaging, and fresh.
  • Prepare the list of your questions

After your research, do some brainstorming, jot down any questions that come to mind, and then select the most interesting ones. Remember that quality questions make an interesting interview and it’ll make your follow-ups more powerful and easier to come up with on the fly.

  • Conduct the interview itself

It’s better to choose a quiet place if you are meeting in person, so you or your interviewee don’t have any distractions around. The same goes for a video call. Make sure to arrive prepared and before the agreed time either way.

  • Ask for consent at the start of the interview.

It’s standard practice to ask your interviewee for consent whether you are recording it or taking notes. If it’s possible, it’s always best to do both. After the end of your interview, try to describe the setting and your impressions right after the conversation, it’ll help you to paint a fuller picture for your essay.

  • Craft an outline of your paper and flesh it out.

Start with creating an outline, so you know how to structure your paper (we have a helpful example for you below). To do that, decide on the interview format you want to use.

  • Do quality control for your sources.

If you used any additional sources for the paper, make sure you cite them all. Also, if you put any direct quotes in your essay, use quotation marks to avoid unintentional plagiarism.

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Interview Essay Outline Example

Having a clear outline ready will help to make the writing process easier. When writing an interview essay, you follow the standard introduction, main body, and conclusion structure, but adjust the content to your format.

  1. Introduction paragraph. Start by grabbing your reader’s attention with the main point of the essay. It can be either quote or an interesting comment from your interviewee, interesting statistics, or your inspirational thought or situation for the interview. Be sure to include your thesis statement as well. It will be helpful to put your reader in the context of the interview by mentioning its type, as well as some of your impressions of the interview and thoughts on the topic.
  2. Main body paragraphs. There are usually three of them, each covering a point you want to illustrate or highlight. Make sure to use quotes from the interview, and include some catchy facts and details. You should also include your opinion on the specific theme you are covering. Try to provide a logical flow to this section, by linking one paragraph to another, so they don’t feel like a bullet-point list you are providing.
  3. Conclusion paragraph. Here is where you tie the main body part together, by briefly summarizing your points and seeing how they agree or disagree with your thesis statement. Remember that this is not the place to introduce any new ideas. If you don’t know how to end an interview essay, provide a logical conclusion that is connected to your thesis statement.

Effective Ways to Analyze Your Interview

The focus of your interview will greatly influence the way you analyze it. If you decide to cover a specific topic and interview several people, the narrative route will be the best option for you. In case you want to interview a single expert in the field, it’s better to do the content analysis. In both cases you’ll need to go through the recording and your notes and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What unique perspective did your interviewee have on the main topic?
  • Did they agree or disagree with it?
  • Are their replies aligned with the existing views?
  • How important or interesting are their replies?
  • What is your opinion regarding their views or responses?

Once you have your replies ready, you should have a rough idea of how to write an interview essay, and how to structure and format it. To make this idea clearer, you can list the responses in any of the following ways:

  • From least to most important;
  • First positive, then negative or vice versa;
  • Those you agree with and those you disagree with, or vice versa;
  • Rather typical ones and then the unusual ones.

How to Format an Interview Essay

Like other types of writing, interview essay writing can be based on any format, but as APA is the most used citation style for such essays, our writers that know how to write interview essays from their extensive experience, have compiled a list of useful formatting tips.

  1. The font should be 12-point Times New Roman.
  2. Make sure to have a title page.
  3. Use double spacing.
  4. Use the introduction paragraph to introduce your interviewee, provide their background, and explain why they are a suitable person for this interview. Make sure to include their name and qualifications.
  5. Use direct quotes if you want to cite your interviewee.
  6. Use block quotes if your citation is 40+ words.

The title page should include your name, academic institution, department, course name and number, as well as your professor’s name and the assignment date. Other specific rules for the title page are:

Top-10 Tips to Help You with Interview Essay Writing

We’ve covered the format, structure, outline, and formatting specifics of the assignment, but what about the process of how to write an interview essay? Luckily, our expert writers have a couple of specific writing tips that will be useful whether it’s your first time writing an interview essay or not.

  1. When writing an interview essay, you should be objective, but you also need to reveal your own view of the meeting.
  2. An effective interview essay is never a mere summing-up of the questions that have been answered but rather a complete portrayal of the interviewee’s personality.
  3. It is important that you prepare interview questions beforehand to avoid making them excessively personal.
  4. When preparing your questions, search for any similar interviews or even sample ones, it will help you to come up with some new ideas and formulate your questions better.
  5. You should show a sense of professionalism by providing extra information about the interviewee.
  6. Use active voice. It will make your sentences shorter, and they will seem to be more intentional.
  7. Write your introduction last. You might change your ideas or even your thesis statement when writing the body paragraphs, so give yourself some room for maneuver and do the introduction paragraph at the end.
  8. Finish your final draft and forget about it for a day or two. This will help you to look at your work with a fresh set of eyes when you’ll be revising it.
  9. Divide your editing by type. Check for logical, stylistic, and grammatical mistakes one after another, it’ll keep you concentrated.
  10. Ask for feedback. Ask your friends to read your paper and give you feedback. It’s always good to have a reader’s perspective before handing in the final version of the paper.

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