An abbreviation of the word “memorandum,” a memo is an important communication device in almost every business. It is a fairly simple method of recording internal communications between different sections of a business, but yet it is a perfect way to communicate in an informative and casual manner without resorting to incoherent scribbling. This should be your aim when writing memos to other people. While writing, keep the terms “direct,” “concise,” and “informative” in mind.

Prior to starting to write a memo, a key thing to keep in mind is who your readers will be. It is important you know what level of authority, responsibility, competence, and/or constraints they have.

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Once you know the recipients of a memorandum, the next step is figuring out what information or instructions these people need. This question is an extremely basic one. Your task is to be informative without providing unnecessary information. For example, would you provide product evaluations to human resource staff?

Once you start, keep the following standard format in mind:


Recipient Name (To):

Sender’s Name (From):


Content of Memo

The art of writing a good memo requires strictness. It is essential to leave out irrelevancies. The vocabulary should be simple and generic rather than complicated, technical, or fancy words taken from a thesaurus. Attitude is something you also need to watch. Sometimes, those who receive your memos will be in a position to make higher-level decisions than you. To stay safe, it is advisable to adopt an attitude that is business-like, straight-to-the-point, and bland. Find the discipline to write in this fashion, even when addressing co-workers.

It can help when writing a memo to use bullet points, numbered points, or lists as a way of conveying information, and this makes a written piece more readable. There are, however, situations where lists are inappropriate and should be avoided. Where, for example, there are not even three points to make up a list, it is better not to use this method, except in cases where you are possibly presenting alternatives. Similarly, an excessive amount of points can make lists redundant. Lists can appear less complex if you group several points into one or are not so distinctive with them.

Where memos provide recommendations about actions to be taken or possible actions, consider your own position. Are you sufficiently knowledgeable in a specific field to make useful recommendations or suggestions? Set out your reasons clearly, try to anticipate readers’ questions, and try not to sound too forceful.

Finally, when you sit down to write the memo you need to write, do not forget to include all items of information, whether these are bad or good. Put aside for a moment those pieces of information that could have a negative influence on readers. Being informative and honest belong together.


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Typically, memos are used in these situations:

  • To provide information about planned meetings;
  • To inform employees about changes in policy;
  • To invite information from employees;
  • To encourage employee participation in programs or events;
  • To provide project information to managers;
  • To sum-up meeting proceedings for non-attendees;
  • To provide executives with information about planned initiatives/actions.

Are memos becoming obsolete with increased email usage? Perhaps. However, it is possible to format memos to make them more official and formal. Sometimes, formal communications are necessary. Additionally, since it is common for email in-boxes to be inundated, memos can be better at attracting and retaining the attention of recipients.

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