Sometimes it is very easy to become overwhelmed with all those projects, exams, tests, research papers you are assigned to during the study semester. However, you can use some quick tips to increase your productivity and make your study time more effective.

Eat Light Meals during the Day

In the breaks between your studies, eat healthy salads. Remember that a vinegar and oil dressing is much better than something heavy and creamy. Such products as avocado, blueberries, salmon, nuts, green tea and dark chocolate increase your concentration and therefore your productivity.

Study in Snatches

Do not wait to get all the assignments done during one study session. This way, you will remember less and just waste your time. Instead, study in 20-50 min intervals, then take a break and walk, eat or do a little workout.

Keep in mind that your brain reaches its maximal capacity for concentrated work around four hours. For this reason, studying early and often with short breaks is the best method to prepare for important tests or presentations.

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Go to Bed and Wake up Early

It is vital to get enough quality sleep. The quality of your sleep affects how well you will perform during the day. It is likely that you have heard it before, but it is the number one recommendation for good sleep, which most students ignore: Switch off all gadgets of yours at least 1 or 2 hours before you go to sleep.

If you go to sleep early, waking up early is not hard. You can also set a morning routine, which will nourish and inspire you to get up without any fuss. Try beginning your early morning with a glass of water with lemon or a cup of tea, and 20 minute of stretching or yoga to wake your body up.

Stay Alert in Class

You probably know already that not every teacher is engrossing as you wish him/her to be, but luckily, there are several tips to staying alert in the class. Sit in the front row so that you are forced to stay awake, and make your best to take part in the class, either by asking or answering questions, or by simple practicing active listening.

Keep in mind that taking notes can actually distract you. When you are notetaking, you are just half-listening, half-paying attention, and half-engaged. This means, you are able to remember much more by active listening and critical thinking.

Manage Your Time

Organize all the due dates and important activities in iCal or Google Calendar to see all your engagements in one place.

Avoid any Distractions

Turn off your smart phone and put it away for certain period of time. If you use a computer for studies, write in full-screen mode to shut out all the distractions. Do not check your social networks profiles while you are studying!

Deep concentration allows you to knock out problems and sink into your assignments, so you can do your best to complete the work.

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