When it comes to exam assignments in high schools and colleges, professors tend to choose an essay exam type as it can evaluate students’ knowledge in the most profound way. When writing an essay, a student demonstrates not only his/her proficiency in academic writing but also general intelligence, evaluative skills, and creativity in the process of discussing or analyzing the topic.

When asked on what students think of essay assignments, they are frequently afraid of them as they are always worried whether they will properly meet professor’s requirements. One of the most widespread reasons why students struggle with essays is because they have little experience in writing. Naturally, when you are short of time for proper preparation, it is hard to learn everything perfectly.

To help you become more successful in essay writing, we have created a list of tips that might be of great assistance to you:

  • Look through your class notes and other materials. When preparing for an exam, it is really advisable to refresh the previously learned material in your mind. The best advice on how to do it fast is to look through your notes that you wrote while listening to lectures. If you have some extra time, you might as well look through some other class materials. As a rule, teachers do not give you brand-new or unknown topics for the examination. There is a huge probability that you will get some task that you have already come across in the book. A teacher might alter the task formulation, but the topic will be surely familiar to you.
  • Try your luck in predicting what essay questions you might get. By evaluating the essay questions in your book on the basis of their importance or topicality, you might predict which assignment you are more prone to get. As a rule, teachers give essays on some burning issues or simply serious matters. Such assignments can perfectly demonstrate how good you are at analyzing.
  • Recall the basic rules of structuring your essay. The fact that teachers appreciate most is students’ ability to organize essays in a logical and coherent way. The very first thing that teachers check on is the main constituents of the essay structure. If the structure is clear, if there is a proper introduction, a strong thesis statement, and clear topic sentences, then your teacher will be pleasantly impressed with your writing.
  • Make sure you revise the basics of the subject you are having an exam in. Even if you are well-versed in the rules of essay writing and organization, you won’t provide a successful paper if you lack some knowledge in the essay topic.
  • Try to keep inner balance and relax when writing the paper. Do not get overly anxious if you lack some knowledge in the assignment you are given. Anxiety here won’t help you for sure – it will only do you worse.

As you see, writing an essay is easier than it seemed at first sight. Try to follow these tips and you will see how your approach towards the writing process will change.

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