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Nowadays, the successful development of any organization is directly related to the efficient HR policy. In fact, the key HR tasks within the organization are based on the desire of the company to ensure the compliance of staff requirements with the conditions of the modern business environment, preventing the brain drain, improving the incentives for hired personnel as well as strengthening the staff a sense of job satisfaction and organizational commitment. The modern human resource management focuses on the contribution of the satisfied personnel to the achievement of the corporate goals. It means that the HR-concepts are based not only on the main principles of management, but also on the concept of the constant personality development. Contrary to the strict regulations of the existing procedures of interaction with employees there came the atmosphere of cooperation, where the significant attention is paid to the staff involvement into the achievement of business goals. The mentioned above statement proves that the personnel is viewed as the key resource and social value of the organization (Conaty & Ram, 2011). It means that the staff with its needs, motivations, values, attitudes can be viewed as the key subject of management. Thus, the following paper is aimed to provide the overview of the job satisfaction and organizational commitment within Google Inc., one of the world’s largest IT companies.

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Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment

The organizational commitment of Google employees implies the psychological condition that defines their expectations, attitudes, working behavior as well as the way they perceive the organization. The commitment of the organization includes the identification, engagement, and loyalty.

The employee identification is based on the pride of being the part of the Google team in the context of the organizational goals. It depends on the extent to which people are informed about the status of the organization and the prospects for meaningful solutions of the existing problems. It is about the way the employees see the unity of their personal goals and the objectives set by the company. They are proud by the fact of their work within the Google team; considering the fair assessment of their work in the organization.

In its turn, the employee involvement implies the desire to take the personal efforts to contribute as a member of the Google team to achieve the company’s goals. The organizational involvement encourages the incentives not limited to the job descriptions, self-esteem, based on the satisfaction of the professional achievements as well as the interest in achieving significant results for the organization and responsibility for the performance.

The employee loyalty is grounded on the emotional attachment to Google Inc. as well as the desire to remain its member. The dedication to the organization suggests the satisfaction with the content of the performed work within it, feeling the attention and care of the management policy as well as contentment with the career development.

Job satisfaction of Google employees is based on the set of the favorable feelings and emotions which they receive assessing the results of their performance (Mirani, 2013). The perception of the individual’s work and job satisfaction is significantly affected by the internal organizational environment, i.e. the management, the nature of communication and internal company policies, processes, work schedule, working conditions and fringe benefits as well as group norms and the state of the market as a whole. The positive, constructive setting of the satisfied employees determines a human behavior at work, while the negative attitude leads to the undesirable behavior (irresponsibleness, reduced level of involvement in work, absenteeism, dismissal, theft, etc.).

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While analyzing job satisfaction of the workers, Frederick Herzberg defined two groups of factors which influence job satisfaction rate, i.e. hygiene factors (responsible for the lack of frustration) and motivational factors (responsible for job satisfaction). The hygiene factors include the company policy, technical supervision (control), relationship with supervisor, relationships with colleagues, relations with subordinates, earnings, security and guarantee of work, personal and family life, working conditions and status. On the other hand, motivational factors involve achievements, recognition, work content, the possibility of creative growth and responsibility. According to Herzberg, the lack of hygiene factors leads to the dissatisfaction with the work, which consequently may badly influence the effectiveness of the employee performance. However, the efficient use of the motivators within the company HR policy can significantly improve the job satisfaction rate.

In its HR policy, Google Inc. uses the following principles of the performance management, i.e. openness, constant innovation, mutual assessment, annual reviews as well as daily discussions of the existing plans, goals, and achieved results. The company views the personnel as an important value and strives to guarantee the most comfortable conditions of its performance. As a result, Google Inc. uses the variety of hygiene and motivational factors to assure the high rate of job satisfaction and organizational commitment among its employees. In fact, it pays the employees the highest in the industry decent wage as well as cares about their health and advocates for healthy lifestyle (Chan, 2007). For instance, any employee can receive the qualified medical aid without leaving the office. Moreover, Google workers have medical and pension insurances. In addition, if one of the employees has bought the bike and rides it to work, the company will reimburse him half of the cost of the bicycle.

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Speaking about professional growth, Google employees have the opportunity of free training in various courses. Besides, they can count on the compensation of funds spent on their professional development and education. It also should be noted that, the office interior provides the opportunity for the efficient work as well as is equipped with a large number of restrooms. Naturally, the company offers a free meal, the service of which differs within various offices. Thus, taking into account the salary rate as well as the wide bonus range and rewards system, one can consider Google Inc. as the perfect place to work at.

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