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The current world is growing rapidly. Technology develops and robots replace ordinary workers. There are more discoveries that could dramatically change the human lives. The massive changes are globalization and population growth, which lead to the need for constant adaptations and new discoveries. Therefore, every sphere of life, including medicine should be updated every year to keep up with the modernization. Regarding the medical field, the most important influence is human factor, because it is hard to replace doctors with robots.

The first way of improving the medical industry is systematic accreditation. Accreditation of the hospitals and institutions is one of the most important mechanisms, by which the state and international organizations affect the quality of medical services. Accreditation is an essential strategy for the quality of services and patient safety. The aim of the process is not only a quality assessment, but also defining the ways to improve the service delivery and life.

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In the future, the effective method of quality management in each organization should include all stages of the medical help provided to a patient. It should include a healthy patient monitoring at the site, outpatient and inpatient care, and medical follow-up after discharge from the hospital. At the center of the defined methodology is a list of professional standards. Moreover, it should systematically and comprehensively evaluate the activities of the hospital. The standards include not only direct contact of the hospital staff with the patients, but also training and education, distribution of the official authority, the principles of management, and audit of the clinic, researches, ethical standards, etc.

The next step in quality assurance is providing the electronic medical record (EMR). It is a collection of personal data in a particular sequence, which reflects the information of the patient’s state of health, treatments, and potential threats. Storing data in electronic form has a number of advantages over conventional medical card. Firstly, all medical records are clearly stated; thus, health care professional is able to find the necessary information at any time. Secondly, the electronic cards are combined into one data bank, which is convenient for statistical reporting.

Another crucial factor in medical industry is the safety of the information storage and transfer of credentials. Data, which contains the individual electronic medical records, should be strictly controlled to avoid ethical issues. Due to the vast possibilities of EMR, modern medical professionals manage the process of treatment more effectively, as they are able to monitor the dynamics of the health condition to take preventive measures in time. EMR allows the institutions to make future predictions and to find regularities in the existing diseases. It totally makes the future of medicine much easier.

Many citizens in the United States of America cannot afford private insurance because of limited finances. Thus, the government created programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, especially for the poor citizens. The programs provide treatment and nursing care to low-income Americans, including children, pregnant women, the disabled, and the elderly, who need special care. According to the statistics, the fourth part (11 millions) of the uninsured Americans could be involved in a governmental program. However, in case of some life obstacles, the applicants may not pass through needed quotas for becoming a participant of Medicare or Medicaid (Walshe & Smith, 2011).

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In the nearest future, the government of the USA plans to spread the insurance programs in every level of the society. Thus, they aim to make the medical insurance available to everyone, who needs it. In the next decade, the costs of the program are expected to increase significantly because the generation of baby booms (born immediately after the Second World War) is growing older and encountering health issues. If the Medicare program is supported by the Americans, the underprivileged citizens receive the necessary assistance. Since, Medicaid is a charitable program, the workers subject income tax for the program; therefore, it is not actively supported by the Americans. Thus, it is important to spread the volunteering for the Medicaid in the nearest future. Everyone should have access to the needed medical help (Ashford University, 2016).

Human resources play a crucial role, especially in the medicine, where a doctor’s professionalism influences the health and life of people. It is essential to make sure that professionals work in the field. The United States of America is known as a country with a high level of professionalism among the doctors. However, it is also difficult to become a physician in America. It takes more than 10 years of expensive education. Moreover, doctors face danger of encountering medical errors and, as a consequence, a high risk of license revocation, fines and courts. is the hospitals and medical institution should invest in maintaining a skilled workforce. In order to increase the number of professional doctors, special privileges, reduced workload, shortened working hours contribute to the appeal for medical employees. The investment in professional human resource should be a priority in modern medicine.

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The big corporations have a tendency to provide their workers with the full package of health insurance. The strategy attracts professional employees and decreases human resource turnover. However, for many Americans, the disease is a challenge to their financial stability. Many Americans do not earn enough to pay for private health insurance. At the same time, they cannot get government insurance for the poor because their income is higher than the official poverty level. In case of undergoing treatment, the person may remain homeless as medical bills can total up to significant expenses.

The high cost of health care does not guarantee its integrity and quality. It is estimated that more than half of deaths in hospitals could be prevented. Unnecessary surgery is the scourge of paid medicine. Different kinds of expensive medical procedures are often appointed only for the sake of financial gain. Doctors are not interested in a patient undergoing treatment because it deprives them of income. To counteract the unethical cases of treatment it is required to provide new laws. For example, in order to avoid the desire to cash in on the patients, it is necessary to introduce a fine for unnecessary treatment. The doctors will be careful while selecting procedures. Moreover, the medical professional should spend time on the psychological training to decrease the detachment and indifference of doctors.

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The medical field is full of innovations and a variety of programs that improve the quality of health care. However, not all approaches work in practice. The aim of present and future medicine is to ensure that government or volunteer programs increase the level of medical provision to the population. Medical field is a complex phenomenon, as it requires absolute returns from the doctors, the government, as well as patients. The current challenges require time and effort to upgrade the industry and meet the demand. The hospital must be a place where everyone is sure to get help, regardless of the material conditions or other external factors.

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