Chemistry is a very interesting science, which reveals to us many secrets of nature. In the modern world, many spheres of human life depend on chemistry and chemical elements. Chemistry is an old science, there have been many discoveries and studies in this field of knowledge, but scientists still make more and more interesting observations and every day learn something new about chemical elements and the role of chemistry in our lives. There are several topics that are relevant nowadays, and by choosing one of them, you can write a really modern and interesting essay.

List of Topics for Essays on Chemistry

Physical Chemistry and Photons

This topic is very important in modern times. The research of this theme will help to learn the newest ways to conserve light energy. The study of optical effects, nanometer space resolution and sub-femtosecond time resolution are interesting aspects of this topic, which are worth considering.

Coli Bacteria

The full name of this organism is Escherichia coli. It is a pathogenic bacterium that provokes human food poisoning. This prokaryote has been studied for 60 years; however, the topic is still relevant today. This work will be especially interesting because it touches several sciences and spheres of human life, such as chemistry, biology and medicine. As mentioned earlier, there is a lot of scientific literature on this subject, so it will not be difficult to find the information you need.

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The Impact of Chemicals on the Environment

This topic is especially important today, and probably will interest many people in the future. Human society is developing every day, science is improving and people are making new discoveries in the field of technology. However, this progress has also negative sides because the main consequence of the activities of many plants and factories is the emission of chemicals into the atmosphere, and then they enter both water and soil, threatening human life with dangerous substances. The emission of chemicals into the air radically changes the climate of the Earth today, and in the near future, it can provoke global warming. Write this research and try to find rational ways of pollution control.

Healthy Eating

At first glance, it seems that calories and adherence to a healthy diet is a very trivial topic. However, it is based on something much more important than just struggle for a beautiful body. In fact, these are complex processes, in which chemistry and biology are involved. Consider the topic of counting calories from the scientific side and you will discover many new things.

Alternative Energy Sources

This topic is very popular today and it constantly requires new research. Write an essay on thermoelectric materials. Describe how to convert thermal energy into electrical energy. Your work can certainly interest many people.


The mass spectrometry method, which has a very great influence on the study of the ionization process, is so popular nowadays. An essay on this theme will be very relevant.

This list of topics will help you choose a subject that will be interesting for you and your readers. Your work will be up-to-date and not boring.

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