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The Only Four College Essay Writing Tips You'll Ever Need

The Only Four College Essay Writing Tips You'll Ever Need

Bet you’ve come across countless tips on writing a successful college application essay. But do they all actually help you write a good essay? It’s unlikely. Read this article to learn the four best college application essay writing tips, and this is all you will ever need!

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4 Greatest College Essay Writing Tips

  • Be a Bit Self-Centered
    For many students, it is hard to be self-centered when they are writing college application essays. They frequently choose to write about such things as another person’s experience or a favorite activity, instead of their own personality or passion. Of course, if the aim of your essay is to tell about the concept you’ve learnt or about the book you’ve read, it’s okay to do this. But in such a personal essay as a college application, you have to look inwards. Discuss yourself. But if you want to tell about your parent, your athletic practice or your community service experience, do it, but use them as a reason to tell about yourself. Did your parent teach you to be honest? Did your athletic practice teach you to work in a team? Did you become interested in serving the community in the future after community service? Tell about these things.
  • Add some Details
    You should go either broad or deep when writing your essay. For instance, if you’re writing about your interest in art, to go broad, you can dwell on how you’ve always loved going to museums, what artists you loved when you were a child, or how your art history class consolidated this interest in you. On the other hand, to go deep, you can write about your favorite artist, his/her paintings and style, as well as the way his/her works makes you feel and inspires you.
  • Write How You Speak
    It’s not only what you say, it’s how you’re saying it. If you’re an introvert, try making your paper introspective, unassuming, and well thought-out. If you’re extrovert, complete your essay in an straightforward tone, which reveals your individuality. When the admission officer will be reading your essay, he/she will be making an image of you. Therefore, to make this image solid, you should write in your own style.
  • Show Your Essay
    to Others Editing your essay’s grammar and spelling is indeed important. But you shouldn’t overdo with that. Choose only two people (one who knows English grammar and one who knows you very well), whom you’ll give your essay for checking. If you give it to lots of people and implement everything they would like to correct, your essay may lose your own voice. Your personal style and tone are way more prominent than excellent grammar and language. So, better stick to it.

If you follow these four tips, you will write a great college application essay! Believe me, there is nothing more you need for success. It is that simple!

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