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Writing an Expository Essay

Writing an Expository Essay

An expository essay has to describe the topic in a straightforward and logical way, presenting a clear and balanced analysis of a subject basing on facts, without any references to writer’s point of view. More than other kinds of writing, expository writing is a necessary requirement for the majority of careers.

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Expository Essay Structure

As a rule, this kind of essay, just like most other types of essays, consists of five paragraphs. In the introduction, author presents a strong thesis statement or main idea of the paper. In the body of the essay, which includes three paragraphs, writer has to provide details supporting the thesis. The conclusion restates the main idea of an essay and ties together its main points.

Steps of Writing an Expository Essay


On this stage, you have to brainstorm your essay’s topic and main idea. After it, do a thorough research and take some notes. Write down an outline that shows the information which has to be presented in each paagraph in a logical sequence.


Consider the suggestions below while working on your essay draft.

  • The main sentence of the introduction is the topic sentence that states the thesis of your paper. It must be stated clearly and should not give an opinion or take any side. Ensure your thesis statement is well defined and has an appropriate scope for the five-paragraph essay.
  • All the body paragraphs have to cover certain points which develop thesis statement. Make sure you provide facts and examples in your body paragraphs.
  • The conclusion has to reinforce thesis and main supporting ideas. Beware of introducing new material in this paragraph.


On this stage, you have to review and reorganize your writing with the goal of perfecting it. You can use the following questions to make the work easier.

  • Does the paper provide an unbiased analysis with logical flow, using relevant examples and facts?
  • Is the wordd choice and sentence structure done properly?
  • Are the transitions between paragraphs flowing?
  • Has the information been communicated to the reader clearly and effectively?

If you think your paper is still missing the mark, take one more look at your thesis statement. Keep in mind that a solid thesis statement usually leads to solid paper. If your thesis works, the rest of the paper will work, as well.


Proofread your essay and correct any grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes, edit the paper to improve style and clarity. Remember that an expository essay must not only be clear and concise but also engaging. Ask a friend to read your paper with a fresh perspective.


Presenting your paper to the professor and the rest of your class can be both exciting and intimidating. Every author is sensitive about his/her work. Remember about the importance of learning from the experience and using feedback for making your next papers better.

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