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Life experiences are constantly changing, thus leading to various changes in marketing and advertising. The evolution of the marketing means is closely interconnected with such trends in human lives as the world globalization, online shopping and blogs development, higher mobility of the individuals, social media popularity, cashless payments, and web-based negotiations. Mainly these issues deserve particular attention when analyzing the most effective means to attract the public and influence their choice. At the same time, brand equity is reflected at several levels, which comprises the benefits, values, culture, and personality. Therefore, the aim of this paper is to view these issues on the example of the Apple brand development and show how brand equity has become vital for the company’s position on the market and for its functioning.

Branding creates the image of the company and increases the value of the products (Ogden & Ogden, 2014). Therefore, primarily understanding of the needs and values of the customers ensures the success of the definite brand. Branding has increased in the last few decades. The latest tendencies related to brand development are strongly dependent on the online brand-development communities (Kendall, 2015). In particular, the latest development of the brands has got under a strong impact of the social changes and “value-hungry” customers (Kendall, 2015). Moreover, taking control over the situation and feeling powerful are other important trends on the modern market. Therefore, the efficient brand must reflect the social innovations and the latest interests of people.

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An interesting example of the brand that has become leading over the last 20 years is the well-known Apple Inc. With its major focus on iPods, iPhones, and iPads, Apple is highly competitive among the consumers and has evolved its position due to its focus on the needs of the clients (Marketing Minds, 2016). The new line of the products including the Apple Pay and Apple Watch follow the same values of the elegancy and individuality. The distinctive features of the products are the simplicity of use as well as the elegant design and reference to the customers’ emotions. With regard to the history of its development, nowadays, its brand equity embodies the sense of community among the users and intimacy with the customers (Marketing Minds, 2016). As for the evolvement of the brand and making it more popular, it is necessary to point out the shift from the computers production to the stronger focus on the mobile devices (Marketing Minds, 2016). This shift has become important for the brand development as it has reflected that the company keeps pace with the customers’ demands and social trends, hence values the clients’ time and individuality.

The development of Apple brand equity was obviously time-consuming and difficult task that demanded efforts at all levels. It was marked by numerous advertisements, organized meetings, and presentations based on the thorough analysis of the customers’ experience. The retail stores have become the brad touch-points that reinforce the cooperation with the customers (Marketing Minds, 2016). Moreover, support of the monolithic brand identity remains the considerable strength of the company. The IMC that relies on the effective planning and control of all processes was strongly influenced by all of the decisions including the inner work of the company and its representation to the clients. Clearly defined tasks and social responsibility are the strengths of Apple Inc. that were helpful in brand development. The “halo effect” that relied on the promotion of the Apple devices among new consumers also demanded strict control and plan (Marketing Minds, 2016). Moreover, the work on warranties and services, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing, as well as electronic and internet marketing demanded the additional efforts for IMC planning.

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To sum it up, the success of the Apple brand was predetermined by the devoted work of the company at all levels. However, branding and focus on human individuality have become a strong benefit that has ensured the devotion, love to the brand, and its association with the status and elegancy. Only the effective cooperation at all levels and successful marketing strategies that keep up with the changing demands of the society could become the main steps on the way to getting the leadership position and respect on the mobile devices’ market.

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